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no more frankenboxes

February 13, 2008

Hi All; > I'm wondering why some many that do this "reseach" go mash potatoes in the head, developing what seems to be that messiah complex. Box user after box user seems to go down this road. I don't know if it's just human ego, or they get possessed, or what. Maybe it's blinded by dollar signs!? Maybe it's like the Brookings Report, people just can not handle the truth on a psychological/ego level. I think that report applies to all encounters with the vastness of the universe. > > I can't provide boxes for anyone else until I figure this stuff out. It's not ethical to give people something that has the potential of fucking them up, to be blunt. I wanted to give these boxes out to see how it worked for others, to see if they got something like I did, and so far it's very disappointing. It's almost like an experiment on people, except most were pretty much begging for, and demanding the things. Even if it's not the boxes per se`, that's even more reason to avoid the situation. > > Frank-S [More]
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