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A new electronic method of spirit communication.

This site is for sharing information on the construction and use of my system.

Site started August 2002. I will be posting more information and wavs from the receiver. This information is free. This site is very slow loading because of the sound and picture files. A friend modified the picture format, hopefully that will help with the speed on this page.


 I have been doing EVP recording since January 2001. I was using the computer, and Stefan Bion's EVPmaker software. I found that many spirits couldn't use that system, so I developed my own analog system that so far, seems to allow all spirits to communicate.

I don't have the schematic on the computer yet, but will mail it if anyone wants to build one of these. The circuit consists of a random voltage generator, which is used to tune an AM receiver module rapidly. The audio from the tuner (raw audio) is amplified and fed to an echo chamber, where the spirits manipulate it to form their voices. The audio from the chamber is picked up via microphone, and fed to an output jack where a recorder is connected. I still have a problem with the voices being somewhat distorted, and there is  a lot of back round noise.

I am still in the process of improving the circuit, but the system is usable as it is now.


03/19/04 I wanted to place this update near the top of the page so I could clarify some possible mis-conceptions. First, this is NOT EVP, it is not those little, weak, whispery voices that are almost impossible to understand, although some can be quite strong. This is a method for enhanced communication with spirit, and other entities.


 The schematic is now up, I'll post changes as I make them. As you can see, this is just straight electronics, no mobius coils, no crystals, nothing exotic except for the echo box, and that isn't completely needed. I have found that the spirits or entities that communicate with me want the echo box, and one about 600 cubic inches works best for them. Other sizes of the box will work, and even no box will work, using the room as a chamber. I have found that the larger the space, the lower the communicating entities seem to be.  By adjusting the echo box size you can "hit" the level that matches your own vibrations.


 The latest echo box was made out of 3/4 inch plywood 42 inches long, and about 8 inches square, lined with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil seems to really help, although I can't really explain why, could be some "scalar" wave stuff going on, or magnetic fileds, I don't know. There has been people e-mail about these "exotic" technology, but when I disagree, or challenge their beliefs, they get pisses off, and won't talk to me anymore. Mostly because I won't accept their theories unconditionally. The same holds true for titled degreed brainiacs out there trying to set themselves up at the world's EVP experts. Just look for there results! No, I can't explain how all this works, some, or all of it is in the hands of people beyond our denmesion. Some of these experts out there act like we are at the top, the the spirits have to somehow intrude in this demension. I think it's just the opposite, we have no understandiong, nor awareness of what is already all around us. There is no viel to cross.


091702 Here's an easier idea for the echo chamber. Use a card board box, such as a cereal box, carefully cut the side seam to allow you to open the box, and lay it out flat. Glue, or even tape the aluminum foil to the inside of the box, then fold the box back up, and tape, or glue it closed. Then just mount the speaker at one end, and the mic on the other end. The idea of the wood frame was just to support the foil.

092302 This new box seems to work very well. I took my system to Grand Junction, Co. There isn't much for AM radio stations in that area (I use AM radio as a source of raw audio), but was able to get some interesting voices later at night after the broadcast skip came in from different parts of the country. I got some very strong voices using FM, but they are very distorted, and difficult to understand, and I can't be sure if it's real spirit voices. In making the larger box, I brought the edges of the foil out though the ends, and side seam. I used a special flux to spot solder the edges of the foil together, this is to make a seamless piece of foil, to enhance any magnetic activity taking place inside the box. I then used clear packaging tape to seal the box. I did mount the speaker and mic inside the box, instead of attaching them to the side of the box.

102002 I made one of those accidental discoveries last night. I left my FM stereo on, while doing a ghost recording. The result was some real very low frequency, low volume voices speaking in the backround of the recording. Some of it was indeed just from the radio station, while some of it was messages to me. I don't have the equipment, or software to seperate it out though. I'm trying to add in a steady tone from outside the echo chamber now, by supplying a steady tone through an outside amplifier. I want to aslo try mixing a tone in with the signal from the echo chamber microphone. I'm guessing, but I think it should be about twice the frequency of the average human speech frequncy. 5000 hz?



 Echo chamber update: I'm now using a 14 X 5 X 8 inch, non corrigated cardboard bax, lined with heavy duty aluminum foil as the echo chamber. The spirits said they needed magnets to form the voices better, so I tape magnets, scavanged from old computer hard drives, to the outside of the box. I use an aluminum soldering flux that I got from a welding supply store to solder the seams in the foil, this is for magnetic contiuity. I can't really explain that, but it makes a difference. I connected the echo chamber to an external two meter ham antenna, at the suggestion of a young nieghbor, surprizingly, there was an increase in the level of the voices. I don't know how, or why, that should work.

 I added a large coil inside this box to see what a changing magnetic field would do, but havn't tried that yet.


 030703 I tried a recording without the echo box. I place the mic on one side of my workshop in the basement, and the speaker on the otherside of the room. Using the the room as the echo chamber with the receiver. The voices are much clearer, so scrap the echo box idea. I seem to get more spirits, and less space voice junk, so the echo chamber probably has a purpose.


 05-22-03 I went back to using EVPmaker on the computer this week, I get some of the same voices on the computer, as I do with the receiver method. With the computer, the spirits seem to be of a higher level though, and are more apt to answer questions. I'll still use all methods, as each has it's strengths. I haven't been posting as much because most of the voices the last few weeks have been extrmemly noisy, and difficlut to understand.


05-28-03 Just would like to point out that EVPmaker 2.0 is out now. It's a freeware program that allows you use the computer to communicate with spirit. This system works extremely well, I've used it since February 2001. I've done some comparison between the voices I get with my reciever method, and other methods, including EVPmaker, they all seem to be the same type of entities speaking, except with EVPmaker, the spirits seem to be a bit more evolved. 


092203 As I continue to try different set ups for recroding, I'm, thinking about the nature of these voices, and signals. Some of these guys talk about transmitting somekind of signal. It's my belief (cuz I can't prove it) that all of this functions on the quantum level, that is, the subatomic foundation of the universe. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be possible to use the quantum resonant principals of the receiver to contruct a quantum transceiver. Instead of using a frequency generating circuit, such as an oscillator as the basis of the transmitter, it would use a random signal, starting out as white noise, this would be modulated with a voice through a microphone and amplifier. It's just in the thought stage right now. The main problem is on the receiving end, how would I reliably convert a signal back to an intelligible voice.

092503 I deleted the doomsday pages. I think those kind of voices are just to spread fear, so I'm not putting that stuff up anymore. Like Carl Sagan (or somebody) said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof". On that note, there is proof of spirit contact, as far as I can tell, there is no proof of ET's bringing warnings of impending doom. Keep in mind, we also create our own reality. Even that, there is evidence in quantum physics to substantiate it.

 022704 I ran out of room again, so had to delete some pages, and voices. I tried to go back and rmove all the links for the removed voices, but may have missed some.

031604 I deleted some of this text, since I'm running out of saoce, I don't want to pay to upgrade the site because judging by the amount of e-mails about myu site there's almost no interest, which brings up my next point.

 It seems the only people that e-mail me about my site are what I consider nut cases. "Researchers" who claim you have to use some exotic technology to make contact with spirits. My system is no more exotic that using running water as a back round sound. The only purpose being to give the spirits something on this level out of which to form their voices. Most people don't seem to consider that the spirit realm is all around us, and constitutes a higher, or larger demension than what we normally perceive.
 There also is a trend of some titled/degreed scientist types to completey ignore  the large number of amateur researchers, such as myself, and Charli Claypool (coffepot ghost), and the people in the Yahoo group, grassharp,  who get the contacts and provide information on how to make contact. Yet these titled degreed people set themselves up as ghost/spirit experts. All I can ask is where's your contacts, where's the results of your experiments. They almost always have none. Yet get offended when I ask these questions, saying I'm being mean spirited. I get a little tired of these thinnly disguised attempts at debunking, and of course, I jump down thier throats!

April 2, 2004 I just started working on a sixth version of my receiver. The new versin is to try to fix some instability problrem in the Random Voltage Generator, and to add some functions. I'm making all sections on seperate boards this time, this will make the system easier to repair am modify when needed. I continue to update the schematics as I build, and test each section. Eventually I want to put together a booklet of instruction wiht the schematis, possibly later this year.

 I continue to see other sites with all those copyright notices all over the sites, stern warnings about copying the material there. What!? Do they think they'll actually make money with ghost voices, or get some award or something. I don't get it, and take as an idication of ego tripping. That's like copyrighting everything anyone ever says to you. Yeah, I'm getting to be a grumpy old man! Everything on this site is free, no strings, no copyrights, that goes for the schematics and voices. All I have done is is protect it to show when I came up with the idea, just to protect myself from some duffus claiming it was thier idea. I do not care if anyone uses the same, or similar system, or even tries to sell it.  This stuff is for fun and education of all who are interested.


050604 The 6th receiver is up and running, so far the voices are the best so far. I put the updated schematic up here.


 052404 I added a Dynamic Noise Reduction chip to the mic amp. It works the best on the short wave bands, but cuts out too much on AM operation. The spirits thought I ruined the circuit while recording from AM. The schematic is on the schematics page here. I made this receiver so that each section was on a seperate board, which has proved advantageous with this change in the mic circuit.

052604 In doing some more recordings using the DNR circuit, I've found that it's difficult to set by ear, listening to the monitor speaker. Listening to the tape, there's more of the high frequencies cut out than it sounded over the monitor speaker. The amount of filtering is controlled by a 1k potentiometer, I mounted a ten turn trimmer on the board, and even with ten turn trimmer, the adjustment is kind of touchy where you have just enough noise reduction, or where it jumps to too much. The spirits don't like the noise reduction so far because it cuts out too much, but my space guys seem to find it easier to get through. I think I can accomadate both.

 I also changed the AGC circuit, that works ok, but the mic gain and AGC gain adjustments are more interactive, and it seems to take longer for everything to start working together. You have to have just the right amount of volume goig to the echo box, just the right amount of gain in the mic amplifier, then set the AGC levels, and the level to the DNR chip.You have to play with the adjustments using a scope. I think I'll set the echo box level with board mount trimmer, instead of making that a panel mount control. Even wiht the headaches, and constant tweaking, I still prefer analog circuits over digital, I still say digital is a just cheap and dirty way of doing things, besides, you can pay some foriegn worker 10 cents an hour to build the junk.

 11/11/04 I've been working  alittle with what is called Orgone enery, also known as the Ether. It seems the echo box is in the configuration of an Orgone Acummunlator. An accummulator is just layers of organinc material (plywood) with layers of metal (aluminum). Iron based metal seems to work better, so I'm going to change the aluminum foil in the larger echo box to galvanized tin (sheet steel). I'm thinking it will be easier to get the galvanized stuff at the local hardware store. I got some not to clear voices that seem to be saying change the metal.  You have to be careful on the Orgone engergy sites, the discoverer was apparently a pedophile, and some of the Orgone sites are veiled pedophile sites. Alwys the evil has to creep in!



060904 I have experimented  with differnt boxes, and echo chambers. A larger box works much better, up to a point, but I left these pictures up too show what I've done in the past. At present I am using a box made out of 3/4 inch plywood, lined with aluminum foil. I glued magnets to the inside, on each side of the box. The magnets are from old computer hard drives. The box is aproximately 8 inches, by 8 inches, by 14 inches. I used the 3/4 inch plywood because that's what I had on hand. I have found that the larger the area, the lower the voices are, that is they seem to come from a lower level of human development. I have recorded using the open room as the chamber with good results, as far as strength of the voices, but the voices seem to be more from a deceptive level. I suppose this is a function of frequency, the smaller the box, the higher it's resonant frequency will be. At first I had the plywood box about 42 inches long, and again, the voices were more of a negative nature, so I cut the box down to closer to the 600 cubic inches that my contacts requested in the past. This is what my contacts like, you may have being that come in on a different frequency, and need a differnt size box, I don't know how else to determine what is needed other than cut and try.

061604 I took down all the echo chamber pix to save site space. I was running out of room again. The results of these experiemnts can be confusing, showing that a more structured approach might have been more advantageous. On the one hand, I think a free association method of trying different ideaa is good, and can yield results, you might want to keep better records, and measure the results more accuratley to avoid some confusion.

10/20/04 There hasn't been much new with the receiver, still using number 6, and it's working well with the noise reduction chip. I added a couple voice to the site today.

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