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FRANK SUMPTION & his 'Frankenbox' for Transdimensionals

C2C with George Noory, March 1, 2007

streamed at

Electronic Spirit Communication

"...most will hear something different in the voice segments." -fs

Paranormal investigator Christopher Moon, the founder of Haunted Times Magazine, discussed 'Frank's Box,' also known as the telephone to the dead. The box, composed of used parts from various electronic devices, was originally housed in an old hollowed-out computer tower, said Moon, who has used the apparatus at a number of haunted sites, such as the Lizzie Borden House (now a B & B!) and the Mason House Inn.

Frank's Box allows for two-way communication with the other side, in a way that is more interactive than typical EVP, Moon explained. Two recordings were played on the show (additional clips are posted here). He claimed he was able to communicate with Thomas Edison's co-workers (Edison never finished the spirit contact machine he was said to be working on).

Towards the end of the third hour, Frank ( [defunct site], the inventor of the box, joined the show to describe his invention. To quote from his website,

"the system consists of a random voltage generator (RVG), which is used to tune an AM receiver module rapidly. The audio from the tuner (raw audio) is amplified and fed to an echo chamber, where the spirits manipulate it to form their voices."

Moon noted that Frank has been able to make each successive box smaller in size and that Frank has had success contacting "transdimensional beings."



The “ghost box” as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of sprit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication, ITC. ITC is the use of electronic equipment to communicate across dimensions, which can be spirits, and other entities with both video and audio devices.

Back in 2002 after 2 years of doing EVP work using various methods such as white noise, and the computer, I was using a program called EVPmaker, invented by the German researcher Stefan Bion. I kept getting messages relayed from spirits that could use the computer, from spirits that seemingly could not use the computer. I was wondering what else I could use for spirit communication that all spirits could use, and after about a week my “system” popped into my head fully formed, all I had to do was build it.

The system consisted of using white noise, amplified, filtered, and rectified to provide a random voltage to tune voltage tunable radio receiver modules removed from older digital car stereos. The randomly tuned radio modules provide a source of random audio which is sent to an enclosure that I called an echo box, for lack of a better name. The “idea” of the echo box was received by what I can only call telepathy, indicating to me there was at least some “outside” guidance in this system. It’ would be difficult to describe how the “suggestion” was received.

It is my opinion that it is the random audio that allows the spirits, and other entities, to form their voices. White noise works because of this random principal, but random material that contains human speech frequencies, and fragments works much better, and more consistently. The random events, or audio, works I think because some kind of resonance on the quantum level is taking place, kind of like using the quantum soup of the universe as a carrier. I’m no physicist, so can only guess, and just barely describe how I think this equipment works.

Frank Assumptions from the Ghostwhisperer

"A commercial fragment, "We Don't Die - Say No More - We Just Have
to Impress" [is] kind of a cool message, and it shows what's really being attempted with the voices. It's meant only as proof that we live forever; nothing else will be given."

I was thinking about what to use in the FM band for a tuning diode. I have
chips on order, and the Random Voltage Generator already made. I was trying
LEDS as varactors in a shortwave converter, but I couldn't tell how much
range I was getting since the scope was adding so much capacitance that it
was throwing the range was off, I couldn't even see a change on the counter,
but could still tune across a shortwave band. I use a cheapy B-K counter,
and it's a POS.

I did find, as this board shows, that the little solid tantalum capacitors
make all the difference in the world with the system, especially in the RVG.
With this particular board the tanatalum caps in the RVG are through hole
caps, and are the blue units. I use what I have on hand. For the little
yellow SMT caps, I put a loop of copper through the board, three or for
spaces apart depending on the size, and solder the cap between the loops,
these are the caps scavenged from old hard drives. Mouser (
carries these components if you need to buy them.

The upper, and middle sockets are for the RVG, and the lower is the mic amp.
I have two mic amps, one for the echo box, and one for a panel/operator mic.
The box mic goes through a buffer, and drives the monitor speaker, along
with one input of a mixer. The mixer combines the panel mic with the box
audio, and the output is the line level output to the recorder.

This helps eliminate feedback from the monitor speaker, but there is still
lots of feedback between the monitor speaker and the built in echo box mic.

A small amount of feedback can enhance the voices, but too much just wipes them out.

The fourth op amp channel of the middle chip is an audio limiter
to try to prevent clipping, it works, but with no voice fragments form the
radio, the gain will increase so you get a pretty constant level of
background noise, I'm not sure if that helps or not. The white thing on the
end is the power block, I use + and - 12 for the RVG, and a seperate 12 volt
supply for the audio, as audio peaks get on the supply lines, and can affect
th erandom signal for the RVG, and the RVG tends to start following the
audio. Wonder if this was one of the reasons why the early boxes worked
better?  t's still very experimental, but now is as good a time as any to go public
with it.

Most of what I get are ETs, a mix and balance of positive and negative.

About every three month my people come through. I get some spirits, but not
many. Iget my dad fairly often, and he reminds me I was born here. I've only
gotten the Zetas once, and they were complaining someone was attacking them.
The voices are short phrases, I dont remember exactly, something like
"attacking the Zetas" and reveresed "it's mental", maybe remote viewers?

Since I'm here kinda accidentally (according to the "guys"), I'm not privy
to alot of information, also I tend to share what I get. Most of this stuff
is pure intuition for me, I can make it work, but much of it, I'm not sure
how it works. The whole system kinda popped into my head as I was wondering
what else, besides the computer method I could use, and bam! fully formed I
got a picture of it, but it was all stuff I had worked with in the past.

Just being a tech, I usually don't think about any other properties the
components might have. The frequency range that I filter out of the white
noise that ends up as the slowly changing tuning voltage is only a few hz at
most, the tantalums seem to help in the amplification of the lower
frequencies, I guess cuz they tend to act like bigger capacitors, and I
found this just like everything else in "the boxes", just cut and try. Some
of this stuff is way over my head. That's why I have to rely on other level
contacts via telepathy to help me out, but they just give the basics to get
me started, the contacts are rare. I used the tantalums in the audio
circuits cuz they improve the response there as well. The tantalum idea
started with intuition, just like the rest, I started saving the caps from
old hard drives, just cuz I thought I should. It was so I could have them on
hand, as needed.

 F. Sumption, copyright 2007, letters to EVP007  3-2007


Hi Everyone,

When looking for the Gallery on the Haunted Times Magazine Website
the areas are listed right under the top of the page, all you have to
do is click on the word "GALLERY" to access it, if you want to post
anything then you will need to create an account in the gallery area
to be able to do that.

Next we have gotten tons of requests for Frank's Box info and this
is what has been posted by Chris Moon on the Hauinted Times website:

Frank and I would like thank everyone for their interest in Frank's
Box (Telephone to the Dead). Since revealing the technology and
research on Coast to Coast with George Noory on March 1st, 2007 both
Frank and I have been inundated with e-mails, message board entries
and phone calls requesting that they be sent a version of Frank's
Box. While we would love to accommodate everyone this just is not
possible. As we both stated, all of the schematics and notes are
posted on his web site and we encourage everyone to try and build one
for themselves. As I mentioned on the show, Frank and I had planned
to possibly start mass producing the devices in the future once they
were more stable than experimental but in speaking through the device
with Edison I was told that there were only thirty souls on the
planet that could use the device effectively. The thing that I didn't
mention was the warnings I received of the things that may happen if
we chose to ignore the message. Frank and I have talked and have made
the decision to possibly move forward with production of the device.
If we do so, the devices will be sold to one or two individuals at a
time to see if the individuals have any real success. A testing and
monitoring system would be put in place in the beta stage to see what
results are obtained. This would determine if the device can be used
effectively and safely by the mass populous. On another note, both
Frank and I have been flooded with e-mails from people trying to
contact loved ones that have passed. This is not an area that Frank
is interested in helping in. I am considering the possibility of
doing Frank's Box sessions via telephone for people who are
interested in this service. You may contact me at:
hauntedtimes@ if you are interested. People are also more
than welcome to see the device in action at one of my Ghost Hunter
University, Conference or College Speaking events. Frank has
temporarily taken his e-mail address off of his web site so that he
can catch up and take a deep breath. Please honor his request as he
is just one man. If you have urgent need of contacting Frank you may
send me an e-mail and I will see that he gets it. Once again we both
thank all of you for your interest in this amazing device.

Christopher Moon
Paranormal Researcher
President/Senior Editor
Haunted Times Magazine,

Due to darkside reaction, my site was terminated.

And last but not least The staff of Haunted Times Magazine do not
have the plans, instructions or schematics for the Frank's Box as it
was on Frank's personal website and as it looks right now his website
is down for some reason and I nor the staff have a way to contact
Frank about this situation. If we do come across the plans we can
post them here in the yahoo group in the files area so that anyone
will be able to access them, and a notice will be posted at that
time. We hope you understand and bear with us during this time.

Cindy Randazzo
Admin. Asst. HTM & HTPI