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What's New in EVP?

theres a link or commonality between three approaches. that might be a clue.
in the wobble effect its possible some part of the circuit is driven deep into the oscillation zone then quenched before oscillation builds up, so for an appreciable time , you have essentially infinite gain in a single stage.
there are some similar effects in your sweep approach
now heres the really unusual part.  you can ALWAYS get very clear --more real than real life-voices but they are foredoomed to be very very brief.
what you do is make a very simple self quenching (squegging) superregenerative circuit for am band- which doesnt work because the usable quench frequency is in the audio range.  moving it to ultrasonic makes the quench freq too weak and you have a simple regen receiver.
so you get a big capacitor about 4700mfd and observe dc polarities in series with rheostat and use that to determine quench freq which is now about 1 cycle every 3 seconds.  theres a whitenoise then an incredibly hi-fi voice with no noise at end of each cycle.  sometimes you can make out the intel through repeating cycles.
the effect of that super crystal clear loud fvoice is so impressive that nobody EVER  tries to dismiss it as a radio voice.
on the sixth planet.  my wife says she can't hear second voice so i am outvoted.
neverthe less, after i listened to it 10 or 15 times i could clearly see in my minds eye 3 twins of your mib standing in front of a donut on stick microphone and wearing what resembled chain mail with a hood but it was thick cloth. after "...planet..." the second guy quickly leans over and says as quick as he can ,"which is mars"  this is not esp, its just my brain and ears reconstructing in detail the parameters of the sonics -which routinely does get to facial characteristics etc.  so that may or may not be a hint
there is a strong 6 month cycle peaking in feb and august every year which is not phase linked with any of the other cycles.  seismic activity typically peaks 4 days after any of the cycles--this is just my reccollection.
..........but im good at it and can predict very very confidently that the mib is from the sixth planet crowd.
i have a freind of 30 years who was one of the persons in john fullers "ghost of 29 megacycles" and am going to send the MIB to him unless thats not cool.
ive seen others similar.
we didnt photo last year's surprise video but we think we have matched the person, who is long deceased and a dedicated spiritualist.
every voice i ever got that was loud enough to amplify and analyze was pulse width modulated -not intentionally of course.
in your admirably spare and clear explanation of operation, what really leaps out is the limiter/mixer/feedback coordination.
the limiter can change mixed fm and am to pulse width -which can be amplified by audio amp with big integrator at out put (integrator=ovrlarge output inductance capacitance or both.  when feedback is increased limiting should be increased to stop squeal.  by adjusting both to optimum you should get much more bang for the buck.  this would be driving the amp past the oscillation stage, with a novel and patentable randomized quench frequency that furthur magnifies the effect BY CONTINUOUS ADJUSTMENT OF SWEEP GENERATOR AMPLITUDE the frequency still being partly random.
bottom line:
by sacrificing fidelty, outputting hollow mechanical voice, sensitivity is enhanced.  could be great for narrowband voice com where only criterion is intelligability
btw , i had a funny feeling about tantalums too and was amazed at improved clarity when used as emitter bypass cap in rf preamp --like you.  i go by what feels right.  the jargon and theory helps define what needs doing next but a lot of it is just to defend and rationalize what you already know to the bean counters and bankers and disapproving professors.
theres room for a big jump in result with minimum change in circuitry, mainly preset each one to its peculiar optimum at the "factory"  then lock the control.  much better than making each one different.
from past experience which maynot apply 45% improvement is in adjusting mixer, presently disused limiter and positive feedback so they mesh optimally.
> structure of tant caps can be reformed in precise way by external means
>--exactly what i found in 1982
> same story with any germanium point contact including 1n34. among many
>ways that work, the germanium block can be heated by a candle or focussed
>light while oredetermined curents are driven through it; i used to use a
>lighted match or magnifying glass while listening to operating device with
>earphones. it nearly always will freeze close to where you put it. if you
>arent careful you can accidentally form a point contact transistor with
>alpha gain

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